Simple Question: What are the two days that come exactly in the middle of the year 2012?

What are the two days that come exactly in the middle of the year 2012?

You can use Microsoft Excel 2010 to calculate dates and times effeciently and more accurate than ever. Even if you want to exclude weekends and holidays, Microsoft Excel 2010 gives you variant amazing solutions. I may discuss the more complex procedures later, but now let’s answer this simple quiz:

What are the two days that come exactly in the middle of the year 2012?
A.     29 June and 30 June
B.     30 June & 1 July
C.     1 July & 2 July
D.     Only one day 30 June
E.     Only one day 1 July

At the first sight, you should exclude the last two answers. Yes, the year 2012 is a leap year. It means it has 366 days (and the world will receive new people who will celebrate their birthdays every 4 years by the way). You can use Excel to assure this simple fact by subtracting today’s date (31 December 31, 2011) from the equivalent date of next year (31 December 2012, and as you know that Excel stores dates as serial numbers, you expect  the count of days between that two dates, in this case it will be 366.

Now we have three choices and this is clearly simple now. Considering that we are looking for the days 183 and 184 of the year, you can use the same technique in Excel to add 183 days to today’s date (31 December 2011) to get the right answer, which is number C.

In addition, you can use Excel 2010 to count the working days in 2012. With the NETWORKDAYS function,  you can use the start and the end dates of the year to get the number of working days over the year, and Excel will exclude the weekends for you in addition to the annual holidays if you write them (Optional). Moreover, with the brand new Excel 2010 function NETWORKDAYS.INTL, you can customize the weekends to suit your local system. For example, here in Egypt some firms take weekends on Fridays only.

 Now, can you calculate the Programmers Day which comes in the 255th day of the year?